Yoga Mat Sport Fitness Towel

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Yoga Mat Sport Fitness Towel 

New Issue Retro style, Gym Exercise Pilates Workout, Portable Training Cover Blanket

Feature:Non slip, sweat absorption, antibacterial

Material: 80% polyester, 20 nylon

Size: (long) 183CM+ (width) 63CM
Weight: 300g

1.Small square anti-skid, increase friction, beautiful
2.High quality, exquisite workmanship, durable and non deformation.
Yoga mat towel can be used as a portable Yoga Mat Cover:

1.because of its light weight, easy to play, outdoor yoga, Mountain Yoga, seaside yoga.
2.Yoga and other ordinary PVC yoga mat, if not very convenient, you can take the upper towel, tile on the ground or grassland, beach, the tree particles down tile, in which you can easily do yoga.
3, quickly absorb sweat and dust, so that the body is always in a clean and comfortable yoga state.