Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer

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Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer 

Major Functions Available:
Measuring Range: -50 centigrade to + 300 centigrade ( -58 to +572 Fahrenheit)
Centigrade and Fahrenheit display selectable
Low battery sensation and display
Memory of last measure
15 minutes auto shutdown for power saving (option)

Button Function Description:

1.  ON / OFF: switch function

2. C / F: Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion

3. HOLD: temperature lock function, press the button when the temperature is locked, then press the lock function to lift.

4. MAX / MIN: high temperature and low temperature memory, press this button to display the previous high temperature, then press to display the previous low temperature, and then restore the temperature measurement.


Type: Household Thermometers
Thermometer Use: Kitchen Thermometers
Thermometer Type: Digital
Product Type: Thermometers
Material: Metal
Measuring Range: -50~ 300 Centigrade