Professional Electronic Facial Pore Cleaner

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About the product: 

Multiple Function: Remove blackhead,acne,grease,mite, exfoliator and massage on face skin,lift firming,promote the blood circulation.



Strong Suction: 4 different size replacement suction can be adjusted according to your actual needs by pressing the power button different times. It has strong suction and can effectively suck out the nose blackhead and acne.



Charging station: It makes the charging more convenient and safer. And make the device stand well.



No harmful to skin: Skin-Friendly,made from high quality ABS material,safety and none-irritate,suitable for both sensitive and normal skin.



Advanced Technology: This hand-held personal system has 2 built-in functions-diamond microdermabrasion therapy and vacuum therapy.



Product description



Features Advantages:



It’s with LED indicator light and charging stand. Strong suction with 4 levels for adjust.



Function Effects:



1. Microcrystalline Head: exfoliate dead skin, remove the aging skin from the stratum corneum,brighten and tender skin.



2.Big Round Hole: strong suction,remove blackhead,firming and lifting skin, thin face.



3. Small Round Hole: weak suction, can remove blackhead, apply to delicate skin.



4.Elliptical Hole: mainly used in lift firming, sucked and unplug repeatedly, tighten skin gently, enhance skin vitality, increase elasticity, fade out fine lines, make the skin younger.



How to use:



1.Open up the pores by steaming or bathing when you using the facial pore cleaner.



2.Open the machine and move the device slowly. Then the acne and some blackheads will come out. If the blackhead is deep please apply with blackhead educe liquid.



3.Please don't stay in one place too long when using it in order to prevent from hurting your skin.



4.After cleaning the pore you can using the skin toning to minimize pore.



Warm prompt:



* Please don’t use it on scarred skin.



* Please don’t wash the device.



* After using it, take down the probe and use cotton swab with alcohol or cleansing cream to clean it.



* Please clean the nozzle before and after use.



* No need the diamond sand to scrub,can wash the nozzle in water.Also please use the facial toner on face after use.






Color: White



Material: ABS



Size: 22*15*6cm



Power: 0.8W



Power supply voltage: DC 5V



Battery: Built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery



Charging method: USB charging



Suction: 1-4 levels



Weight: 365g