5 in 1 Electric Nail Drill Machine Manicure Tool

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Electric Nail Drill Machine Manicure Tool

Decent appearance. 

One button operation.

Compact and lightweight. 

Powered by 2 x AA battery (Not include the battery) 

With five crafted nail heads. 

Gentle enough to work on cuticles and weak or splitting nails. 

High speed rotation, powerful enough to trim and shape tough acrylics and toenails. 

Functions of Five Attachments: 


1. Metal Cone Removes dead skin, corns and calluses. 

2. Grinding Barrel: Flattens and smooths extra thick nails and rippled surfaces. 

3. Small Grinding Cone: Carves into corners and hard to reach spots. 

4. Soft Felt Cone: Polishes nails to a healthy shine, and push back cuticles and stimulate nail bed circulation for increased nail growth. 

5. Flat Emery Head: Professionally shapes nails and finishes them to a smooth gentle edge.

Type: Electric Manicure Drill & Accessory
Size: Nail tool
Model Number: Electric Nail Drill Machine
Material: Stainless Steel
Plugs Type: By the AA Battery