Anti wrinkle Whitening Moisturizing Nourishing Firming Neck Care Set

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More beautiful and confident, show beautiful swan neck!

Specialized neck caring product necessary for beautifying neck

The winter is over, spring and Summer is coming soon, wear a collarless beautiful clothes in the warm weather, incredibly comfortable. There are many microgrooves in the skin of my neck, which are dark and rough, therefore, in spring and summer, I feel troublesome when looking at many clothes, after using neck caring product of Meiking, I am daring to expose my neck and show beauty.


Pull and tighten, whiten and eliminate double chins

Really useful, I keep using two packages, in coordination with massage manipulation, not only feel that neck wrinkles are weakened and skin becomes white, but also apparently feel that double chins become smaller, and the face has an outline, and can not help feeling a burst of chuckle when standing in front of the mirror.


Neck cream + neck film  Specialized neck caring product

Extract Chinese herbal medicine essence, truly customized for your neck skin

A\ Weaken neck wrinkles, help neck recover elasticity

B\ Whiten and replenish water, enable neck skin to be more tender and white

C\ Pull and tighten chin with more amazing line

D\ Replenish nutrition ingredients for neck skin, prevent and improve the phenomena of loose skin of neck.

Do not allow neck wrinkles to destroy your temperament 

Show swan beauty!

Terrible!! When we are more than 25 years old, each piece of neck wrinkle=10 years older!!

Pull, tighten and remove neck wrinkles, white, tender and sexy swan neck

Weaken neck wrinkles

Tight outline

Whiten and maintain moisture

Anti-time and anti-wrinkle beautiful neck package (neck cream + neck film)

Reality use effect, witness miracle effects of professional neck care product together

1. Weaken neck wrinkles

2. Whiten and replenish water

3. Pull and tighten

4. Replenish nutrition, improve loosing 

Neck alert 

1. Neck alert : uneven skin color, darkness, color spots

2. Neck alert : loose, double chins, neck wrinkles

3. Neck alert : no use of specialized neck product, directly use facial product to care skin

4. Neck alert : dry, neck

5. Beauty neck storm: Create swan neck, reject  dry, yellow, black

Anti-time and Anti-Wrinkle neck cream

Main components

Water, glycerin, oil olive oil, bear fruit leaf extract, rhodiola root, polygonatum odoratum extract, snow lotus extract, xanthan gum, tocopherol (vitamin E), arbutin


Weaken neck wrinkles, help skin to recover elasticity; tighten outline, enable neck skin to be tender and white; pull and tighten, make outline of loose chin more charming

Applicable skin texture

Especially suitable for people whose neck is lack of water, has microgrooves, and who want smooth and tender beautiful neck

Net content 100g

Weaken skin wrinkles, whiten and replenish water

Anti-time and Anti-Wrinkle neck film

Main components

Water, glycerin, ginseng root extract, ganoderma lucidum extract, aloe extract, hydrolyzed pearl, Tuckahoe extract


Light and comfortable quality, unique herbal essence can deeply penetrate, delay aging of net skin,    mitigate and tighten neck skin, meanwhile, maintain watery and tender skin, avoid generating of microgrooves and wrinkles

Applicable skin texture

Especially suitable for people whose neck is lack of water, has microgrooves and who want smooth and tender beautiful neck

Net content 80g

Pull and tighten, watery and tender